Custom Baitset Design Calculator

This calculator will help you estimate the number of individual bait sequences required for your custom design. Please see our Custom Kits page for more information on this product, including pricing. The number of baits required will depend on the length of targeted sequence(s) as well as the parameters such as probe length & tiling density. See Project Planning to help guide you in choosing some of these parameters.

Keep in mind that this calculator is just providing a rough estimate purely for general planning purposes only. The exact number of probes required for your custom baitset will depend on design parameters such as the length of the specific sequences you want to include, our bait design algorithms, whether any non-unique baits need to be dropped from the design, and whether you wish to eliminate redundant/similar baits.

Number of target loci
Number of individual sequences you wish to target in your baitset.
Example: Enter "1000" if you wish to target 1000 genes, or 1000 independent SNPs.
Average locus length (bp)
Enter the average length (bp) for all of your target sequences.
If n/a, enter the total genomic length you wish to target (e.g. 500000 for 500Kb) and choose "1" for # of loci above.
Bait Tiling Density (x)
Average # of baits targeting a given base in a sequence.
Example: Enter "2" for 2x tiling density, in which every base is targeted by an average of 2 baits (a typical choice).
See the diagram at the bottom of the page for an schematic of 2x tiling density.

Number of baits in your design: 0
This is a MYbaits-0 baitset

Schematic of bait tiling:

Bait Tiling Density