Custom Target Capture Kits

MYbaits custom target enrichment kits are fully customizable molecular bait libraries for targeted sequencing. MYbaits target enrichment is based on the efficient in-solution hybridization capture of target DNA using biotinylated RNA baits that are complementary to your target sequences. When you choose a flexible custom MYbaits kit, you can choose to design your own baitset or take advantage of our complementary oligonucleotide design expertise.

We can manufacture your custom synthetic RNA baitset from any set of DNA sequences. You can obtain sequences for your project from any source, such as reference genomes, other publications, scientific databases, or sequences that you have generated from previous experimental data (e.g. transcriptome sequencing, RADseq, PCR, shotgun metagenomic or de novo sequencing, etc). You are NOT restricted to choosing targets from the genome of a model organism!

We are proud to provide expert bait design & advice with every custom baitset, at no additional cost! We can work on your design before you commit to placing an order. Before we begin a design for you, please review the Project Planning and FAQ section of the website for guidance & information on important parameters for consideration in design of your custom baits. Your sequences should be provided in FASTA format or as coordinates along a reference genome. See our guidelines for sequence submission for more details. When a sequenced genome is available for your organism (or from a close relative), we can use our proprietary bioinformatics software to ensure the specificity of the baits in your design, thus reducing the risk of inefficient sequencing due to large amounts of non-specific reads. Please contact us with details on your project to get a quote and begin the design process.

If you wish to outsource part or all of your NGS project, we also offer flexible and competitively priced library prep, capture, and sequencing services for both modern & degraded specimens.

Note: If you are interested in genome-wide enrichment of ALL endogenous DNA from a specific target organism with a large genome (e.g. entire plant or animal genomes), the correct product for this application is our Whole-Genome Enrichment (WGE) kit. Contact us to discuss the most cost-effective approach for small genomes (e.g. bacteria).

Guidelines for Sequence Submission

Kit pricing

Baitset Tier
(Max. # of bait sequences)
Number of reactions
16 48 96 384
MYbaits-1 (20K) $3,200 $5,760 $8,640 $23,040
MYbaits-2 (40K) $4,000 $7,200 $10,800 $28,800
MYbaits-3 (60K) $4,800 $8,640 $12,960 $34,560
MYbaits-4 (80K) $5,600 $10,080 $15,120 $38,400
MYbaits-5 (100K) $6,400 $11,520 $17,280 $46,080
MYbaits-6 (120K) $7,040 $12,670 $19,000 $48,640
MYbaits-7 (140K) $7,680 $13,820 $20,740 $53,760
MYbaits-8 (160K) $8,320 $14,940 $22,460 $58,880
MYbaits-9 (180K) $8,960 $16,130 $24,190 $64,000
MYbaits-10 (200K) $9,600 $17,280 $25,920 $69,120

Kit item number: MYbaits-[# of modules]-[# of reactions]

Pricing structure

We offer very flexible and competitively priced kit options. The price of your custom MYbaits kit will depend on (a) the number of unique bait sequences in your design, and (b) the number of individual capture reactions that you wish to perform.

Number of probes

Our kits are manufactured in modules of up to 20,000 unique baits/probes, which is determined by our synthesis technology. The number of probes in your design will depend on the total size of your target sequence(s), the chosen probe length, and the bait tiling density. MYbaits kits are manufactured as modules of up to 20,000 baits each. Depending on the number of baits needed to capture your sequences of interest, multiple modules may be necessary for your kit, resulting in increased cost of the kit. See our Calculator to help estimate the number of baits required for your design. Review the Project Planning section of the website for guidance on important parameters for consideration in design of your custom baits.

Probes for all custom designs are provided at the same concentration. Any design requiring from 1 to 20,000 probes is a MYbaits-1 kit. There is no reduced price for ordering smaller probesets.

Number of reactions

With each MYbaits kit, we provide you enough reagents to perform a stated amount of individual capture reactions according to our current protocol. Experienced users may wish to pool multiple indexed libraries into a single reaction or dilute their probes, but please consult us for specific recommendations for your project.

Please note that the number of reactions you purchase is UNRELATED to the number of individual unique probes in the design, though both factor into kit pricing. For custom kits, we cannot provide discounted kits for fewer than the minimum number of reactions.

How many baits do I need?

Please see our Calculator to help estimate how many probes your design would require. The amount will depend on the total genomic sequence that you wish to target, as well as the bait design parameters that you choose (bait length & tiling density). See Project Planning to help guide you in choosing some of these parameters. We will help you if you are uncertain.

The exact number of probes required will depend on design parameters such as the length of the specific sequences you want to include, our bait design software, whether any non-unique baits need to be dropped from the design, and whether you wish to eliminate redundant/similar baits.

MYbaits kits are provided for research-use only. MYcroarray's goods and services are not authorized for in vitro diagnostic purposes, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic purposes, in foods, drugs, devices or cosmetics of any kind, or for consumption by or use in connection with or administration or application to humans or animals.