Custom Microarrays & Pricing

Because nobody knows better than you what microarray is needed for your project, MYcroarray offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of custom fabrication, from probe design to spot layout and microarray format. We will assist you, step by step, to create the microarray that will fit your needs the best. At the end of this design process, MYcroarray will manufacture YOUR microarray slides.

Microarray Probes

You can choose between providing us with a list of probe sequences of your choice, or ask us to design the probes for you (see below). We will review your sequences and notify you of any problems we may foresee. Based on our experience, some sequences are poorly synthesized (long monotonous repeats) or generate lots of cross-hybridization signals (like GT repeats in mammals). Thus, we will offer you the possibility to test in a pilot experiment if your probe sequences can be actually synthesized. This will help you to decide on a list of robust probes for your custom microarray.

If you do not have microarray probe design expertise, MYcroarray can do it for you. Our probe design team has over a decade of experience in designing microarray probes and writing probe-design software. Because your project is unique and your success is important to us, before we synthesize your array, we will review your project to help you decide on the best probe design strategy (input sequence, probe length, number of probes per sequence/gene, etc). Then we will use our proprietary software to design probes with the highest specificity for their intended targets. Upon completion of the design, we will provide you with a comprehensive report on the design output for your approval.

Spot Layout

You will be able to choose how many replicates of your probe you would like to have on each array. While we usually recommend from 3 to 5 replicates, your experiment may call for a different number. You will also be able to choose if you want probe replicates randomly spread across the entire array area or if you prefer to have them grouped to form easily recognizable patterns.

Microarray Format

You will also have the choice between our different microarray formats. This choice will be driven in part by the number of replicated probes your array will contain and also by the hybridization method you plan to use (cover slip, Agilent Technologies cassettes, etc)

Custom Microarray Pricing

Product Description Price Catalog Number
Custom 30K array synthesis $150
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Custom 40K array synthesis $170
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Custom 60K array synthesis $240
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Custom 80K array synthesis $260
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Custom 3 x 15K array synthesis $240 ($80/array)
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Custom 3 x 20K array synthesis $270 ($90/array)
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Custom 6 x 5K array synthesis $240 ($40/array)
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Custom 6 x 7K array synthesis $270 ($45/array)
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