NGS Services for Degraded Specimens

Ancient DNA, Archival, and Museum Samples

We are currently ACCEPTING ancient DNA projects for library preparation, target capture, and high-throughput sequencing services. We are NOT currently accepting DNA extraction projects, so you must extract the DNA yourself before shipping it to us.

Please contact us with details on your samples and a description of your NGS research goals for the project. Depending on the characteristics of your particular project, some additional costs will apply beyond our standard pricing for NGS services. The minimum information we will need from you is (a) what kind of samples are you working with, and (b) what target(s) do you wish to capture using MYbaits. While you can let us choose appropriate project parameters, please also let us know if you have a preference for specific methods such as library construction, hyb/wash conditions, number of capture rounds, etc.

Our team - Our researchers have extensive experience in the field of ancient DNA, especially with using target capture coupled with NGS. These tools have revolutionized the aDNA field because they have facilitated the genetic characterization of samples that would be infeasible or impossible to study with previous methods such as PCR. Our lead MYbaits R&D scientist Dr. Jacob Enk has been a lead and co-author on many publications detailing applications of aDNA target capture during and after his doctoral work on ancient North American mammoths.

Our facility - We have constructed a new cleanroom specifically for DNA extraction and pre-PCR library preparation of degraded samples. While current NGS methods are enabling more accurate characterization of "contamination" than ever before, performing pre-PCR activities in a separate, clean space is still recommended for robust aDNA work. Our cleanroom is a physically separated HEPA-filtered, positive-pressure room, with a separate annex for donning appropriate cleanroom attire. Appropriate SOPs to reduce the chance of environmental and cross-contamination will be employed, such as the use of bleach and UV light for decontamination. You will be required to provide extraction blanks (negative extraction controls) along with your samples.

Our methods - In collaboration with you, we will use our expertise to select the most appropriate library preparation, quantification, and target capture approach(es) for your project. We prefer blunt-ended library prep for low-input, low-abundance samples. It is extremely beneficial if you can provide us with metrics on your DNA extracts (such as total DNA quants, Bioanalyzer traces, gel images, etc) before sending us samples, so that we have a better idea of the quality and quantity of your extracted DNA samples. This information will help us better assist you in choosing the right parameters for your project.