MYtags are custom designed labeled nucleic acid probes for detection and visualization of complementary nucleic acids, such as custom FISH probes. Our highly flexible microarray synthesis platform enables parallel synthesis of tens of thousands of different oligonucleotides on solid substrates. Using proprietary technology, the oligonucleotide pool is released from the substrate and converted into high yields of labeled single-stranded oligonucleotide libraries. We provide user-defined probe libraries with up to 20,000 oligonucleotides per batch. We offer free design service for MYtags libraries or we can incorporate your own designed probe sequences into the MYtags framework. MYtags have been successfully used as custom FISH probes for fluorescent in situ hybridization and are derived from the same technology that was used to develop the Oligopaint technology. MYtags have been used as probes for 3D-DNA FISH, Cryo-FISH, and RNA-FISH for mammalian, insect, and plant cells.

MYtags Application Overview - Poster, ASHG 2014

Flexibility in batch size and oligo length

20,000 oligos per library: The number of MYtags can be increased in multiples of 20,000 to label the entire length of a target sequence. You do not have to fill a batch to get your tags synthesized. We can also accommodate some smaller libraries in multiples per slide.

43-47 mer hybridization sequence: We recommend using 43-47mer hybridization sequences for MYtags probes but we can accommodate shorter or longer inserts.

Ready-to-use or Do-it-yourself Labeling

There are two options for ordering MYtags libraries:

Unlabeled double-stranded immortal library: If you prefer to prepare your own labeled single stranded probes, these libraries can be re-amplified to generate an infinite amount of product. We provide the protocol and customer support and you gain the flexibility to label your probes as desired. This is a great way to prepare labeled single-stranded DNA probes with labels we do not offer in our labeling service. You can also choose to use published protocols such as theĀ Oligopaint custom FISH probes preparation procedure.

Ready-to-use single-stranded labeled probes: If you do not want to spend your valuable time preparing probes, let the expert do it for you. We will deliver labeled single-stranded probes libraries ready for your experiments. These probes can be further customized in a number of labeling options (see below). Enjoy the possibility of targeting specific genes or chromosome regions with custom FISH probes made just to your specifications.

Available label options

Labeled libraries are shipped mono-labeled with one label per molecule or triple-labeled with three labels per molecule. Our technology can incorporate many of the commercially available fluorescent dyes and non-fluorescent moieties. If you need an option not listed below, please contact us for availability.

Fluorescent labels:

Color Label Ex. max. Em. max.

Non-fluorescent labels:

Tag design

We offer a service of custom FISH probe design for FISH applications on sequenced genomes. All we need is the coordinates of the targeted region(s) along the chromosome(s) and we will design optimal probes for these regions using our proprietary design software.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing includes manufacturing, probe design, and standard labels. Please contact us for pricing.

Image Credit (top right): Yonghua Han and Jiming Jiang, 2015. Pictured is an oligo-based painting of a single cucumber chromosome at the pachytene stage of mitosis.