About MYcroarray

MYcroarray is a scientist-owned and operated company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. MYcroarray was founded by Dr. Erdogan Gulari and Dr. Jean-Marie Rouillard to market their revolutionary microarray manufacturing technology developed in Dr. Gulari's research group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan.

We specialize in the manufacture of custom oligonucleotide libraries and microarrays. We routinely collaborate with our customers and research partners to develop innovative designs and applications for custom synthetic oligos, both on substrates and in-solution. If you have a new research application, we would welcome the chance to help you develop your research project with our technology.

Our Technology

Our synthesis technology begins with the synthesis of oligonucleotide libraries on microarray slides, which can be modified or cleaved for countless downstream applications. We have combined the flexibility of digital photolithography to the robustness of the phosphoramide oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry. This enables us to synthesize up to 500,000 spots on substrates the size of a microscope slide at a very competitive cost. Since we are using a mask-less approach, our technology is extremely flexible, making possible to offer custom synthesis with no setup cost or minimum order.