Large pools of custom oligonucleotides

We have selected the best of oligonucleotide chemistry (high yield, low cost) and combined it with digital lithography for maximum flexibility in parallel synthesis. We offer a service of custom oligonucleotide library synthesis for molecules ranging from 50 to 100 mer in length. We synthesize up to 20,000 oligonucleotides per batch and cleave them off of the substrate to deliver them as an in-solution pool.

Single- or double-stranded libraries

Whether your application calls for single-stranded or double-stranded molecules, DNA or RNA oligonucleotide libraries, we deliver the product of your choice. Labeled oligonucleotide libraries are also available under our MYtags product line.


Since we offer multiple options for MYlib, please contact us briefly describing your experiment and oligonucleotide library structure to get an accurate pricing for your product(s).