MYbaits® is a popular custom system for efficient, in-solution target enrichment for high-throughput sequencing. MYbaits target enrichment kits are fully custom sequence capture probe libraries that enable targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS). MYbaits target capture is based on the efficient in-solution hybridization capture of target DNA using biotinylated custom RNA baits that are complementary to target sequences. Our kits contain your custom RNA probes and reagents for performing rapid target capture on any NGS library.

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MYbaits target enrichment kits have been successfully applied to a wide range of target organisms, such as humans, animals, plants, and bacteria. MYbaits sequencing capture kits have also been applied to a wide range of sample types, including degraded, archival, museum, and ancient DNA specimens. Our kits have routinely achieved on-target read percentages of 60-80%, depending on the application. Target capture is an extremely flexible technology; effective enrichment probes can even be designed from divergent species. An example of using baits derived from expressed sequence tag cDNA sequences to define intron-exon boundaries was presented at PAG XXI. Or, browse the extensive list of publications in which MYbaits have been used & recommended. MYbaits kits are directly compatible with almost all NGS library formats, including Illumina® and Ion Torrent®. Our detailed manual provides a full recommended protocol for all library formats and any sample type.

Our kits offer the greatest scale of sequence capture flexibility on the market. Whether you provide us with your specific bait sequences or have us divide your chosen targets into probes, we can produce a custom enrichment kit fully customized to your needs. You retain full intellectual property rights on your custom baitset. We offer experienced design advice and personalized customer service at no additional cost, including complementary optimization using our proprietary software to ensure that your experimental design is as efficient as possible. We will work directly with you to design the sequence capture kit that meets your needs. In addition to our flexible and affordable custom capture kits, we also sell multiple pre-designed capture kits, providing cost-effective solutions for common applications. Contact us for a quote or more information.

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Please visit the MYreads page to learn about our in-house NGS services (library prep, target capture, and sequencing).

Target enrichment with sequence capture kits, such as the MYbaits target capture kit, is commonly used to perform gene enrichment, loci enrichment, or exon enrichment (gene capture, loci capture, or exon capture) for applications such as whole exome sequencing, SNP discovery, gene resequencing, and more. Other applications where MYbaits have been used include: ancient DNA target enrichment where sequence capture is performed on highly contaminated and fragmented DNA, phylogenetic analysis of ultraconserved elements where target enrichment is performed on sequences that are highly conserved among various taxa, and candidate gene-based association mapping where sequence capture is performed on genes hypothesized to be involved in particular processes or diseases.

In all of these applications, sequence capture is performed for the purpose of target enrichment prior to targeted sequencing. Performing targeted sequencing, such as exome enrichment, ensures that the sequencing capacity of your NGS platform is devoted to your customer-defined target loci of interest, making your sequencing runs more efficient and economical. Our MYbaits kits are fully flexible to fit any multiplexing strategy for pooling barcoded indexed libraries prior to target enrichment, making our kits the most flexible option on the market for your target capture project.

MYbaits kits are provided for research-use only. MYcroarray's goods and services are not authorized for in vitro diagnostic purposes, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic purposes, in foods, drugs, devices or cosmetics of any kind, or for consumption by or use in connection with or administration or application to humans or animals.