We offer many in-house service options to meet your next-gen sequencing research needs. Our research scientists and technicians have decades of collective experience in the custom molecular biology field, including a wide range of novel applications and working with difficult specimens. We offer competitively-priced services for library preparation, target capture using our MYbaits® kits, high-throughput sequencing, and more.* Take advantage of our expert knowledge to help tackle your next NGS project!

Library preparation service

We offer library prep services for the Ion Torrent Proton® and Illumina® sequencing platforms. We offer both single- and dual-indexed Illumina TruSeq-style libraries, and can advise you on the appropriate choice for your project.

Starting pricing is $80/library, with discounted pricing available for larger projects, and an additional surcharge if your DNA is degraded (e.g. ancient DNA, archival/museum, herbarium, etc). This price includes all of the quality control and preparation steps to generate the libraries from your supplied genomic DNA, including shearing & size-selection wherever necessary. We will purify and quantify your extracts and libraries using the most appropriate option(s) for your application (e.g. PicoGreen®, qPCR). We will use additional methods to assess the quality of your libraries, as appropriate (e.g. Agilent Bioanalyzer®).

Target capture service

We offer target capture services for ANY organism and ANY target size, using our flexible, high-quality MYbaits target capture line. We offer predesigned kit options for ultraconserved elements and mitochondrial DNA, but we can also use your own 100% customized baitset. Please see the MYbaits product pages for more information about your options for target capture kits, including what to consider when planning a target capture NGS project and FAQ for MYbaits.

We will follow our most up-to-date recommended protocol for MYbaits captures, unless otherwise requested (or, after discussion with you, modifications are deemed appropriate).

Pricing varies with the number of capture reactions and individual samples in the project, with discounted pricing available for larger projects. Capture service pricing includes all of the associated QC, prep, post-capture amplification, and additional supplies required to perform the captures (e.g. magnetic beads). We will also equilibrate and pool all your libraries for sequencing, and would supply all the necessary information directly to the sequencing facility (see below).

Please note that in addition to this cost, you are required to purchase the appropriate size MYbaits kit for use in your service, as well as an additional mandatory per-run fee to prepare your enriched libraries for sequencing. You will receive a 5% discount off of the list price for MYbaits kits used in service projects!

High-throughput sequencing service

We offer competitive pricing for Ion Torrent Proton sequencing in-house or Illumina sequencing (MiSeq or HiSeq) from a preferred third party provider. We can advise you on which sequencing option is appropriate for your project.

You do NOT have to purchase a full lane/run in order to use our sequencing services. Purchasing only a portion of an NGS run can result in significant savings for your project. However, if you wish to do this, then your libraries will be held in our queue until we can fill the remainder of the run with other projects.

Alternatively, we can ship your post-captured libraries back to you READY TO GO for immediate sequencing at your preferred sequencing facility. We are happy to confer directly with your sequencing core facility regarding sample submission requirements, library formats, etc.

Any leftover upstream materials (DNA extracts, pre-capture libraries, etc) can be shipped back to you upon request, or retained for 6-12 months if you wish to use those samples for additional service projects in the future.

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* MYreads services are provided for research-use only. MYcroarray's goods and services are not authorized for in vitro diagnostic purposes, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic purposes, in foods, drugs, devices or cosmetics of any kind, or for consumption by or use in connection with or administration or application to humans or animals.