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Highly customizable products

CRISPR is a rapidly expanding technology that requires adaptability and reliability. We make custom, error-free DNA templates for in vivo or in vitro transcription of sgRNA of virtually any design you wish, just give us your sequence and we make you the DNA in a sequence verified plasmid. We then provide either the plasmid or transcribed sgRNA, as well as homology-directed repair templates for genome engineering. All sgRNA products below work with Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 nuclease.

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Product Description Qty. Price Cat No. Production Time
sgRNA sgRNA only 1 nmol $199 MYcrisprRNA-1nm 7-10 days
5 nmol $399 MYcrisprRNA-5nm
pT7sgRNA T7 promoter plasmid with sgRNA sequence 1 µg $99 ea. MYcrisprT7-1 7-10 days
$75 ea. for ≥10 MYcrisprT7-10
pU6sgRNA-GFP U6 promoter plasmid with sgRNA and GFP 1 µg $99 ea. MYcrisprU6GFP-1 7-10 days
$75 ea. for ≥10 MYcrisprU6GFP-10
pU6sgRNA-GFP-Puro U6 promoter plasmid with sgRNA, GFP and Puromycin 1 µg $99 ea. MYcrisprU6Puro-1 7-10 days
$75 ea. for ≥10 MYcrisprU6Puro-10
Homology-Directed Repair Plasmids Custom error-free DNA 1 µg Variable* See MYdna 10-12 days*

* Above prices apply to sgRNA sequences for use with S. pyogenes Cas9. Custom guide RNA sequences, such as for Cpf1 or Staphylococcus aureus may result in an extra one-time charge in addition to the price above. Subsequent RNAs of the same design revert to the pricing table above. Prices and production times for HDR templates can vary depending on sequence length and complexity. Days refers to business days.

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Volume Discounts

Please contact us for additional cost savings on orders of 20 or more and for pricing on large scale synthesis contracts.


Please send us your DNA sequence for transcribing an 18-20 nt guide RNA (18-20 nt is recommended, but not required). Sequence submission forms for plasmids/sgRNA are divided into small (1-9 products) and large (≥10 products). If ordering over 10 plasmids/sgRNAs, please note that 24 or more samples will be delivered in a 96-well plate, under 24 samples will be delivered in tubes unless requested otherwise. Email all sequence submission forms to: Once submitted and approved, we will generate a quote so that you may place your order.

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Note: Some of these applications may require a specialized Cas9 protein, such as dCas9 or dCas9 fused to a transcription activator or repressor.

sgRNA and pT7sgRNA

MYcrisprTM sgRNA is supplied as highly purified RNA transcribed from sequence-verified plasmid DNA made using our proprietary MYdna technology. Alternatively, we supply the error-free plasmid DNA itself containing a guide RNA sequence of your choice. In both formats, the sgRNA consists of a 5' guide RNA sequence linked to a 3' trans-activating CRISPR RNA (tracr) sequence that is bound by the Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 nuclease. The guide RNA sequence can vary in length, though 18-20 nt is recommended. The standard tracrRNA sequence we offer is optimized for improved stability and cutting in vivo when compared to a typical 85 nt tracrRNA sequence (Dang et al., Genome Biology 2015). MYcrisprTM sgRNA and DNA plasmid templates are delivered dry unless requested otherwise. Note that T7 transcription will add two Gs to the 5’ end of your guide RNA. Two additional Gs at the 5’ end of the guide sequence have been shown to not affect activity (Mali et al. Nat. Biotech. 2014 and Romanienko et al. PLOS One 2016). Feel free to request a custom guide RNA for use with other nucleases such as Cas9 from S. aureus, Cpf1 (CRISPR from Prevotella and Francisella), or another nuclease for your particular application. sgRNA libraries are also available through our MYlib service!

pU6sgRNA-GFP and pU6sgRNA-GFP-Puro

Both of these plasmids come with a human U6 promoter for expression of your sgRNA in human or mouse cells and also include a CMV promoter driving GFP or GFP and puromycin expression for cell sorting and selection. You choose your guide RNA sequence and the tracrRNA sequence as above for the T7 transcribed sgRNA. Each plasmid can be designed to express multiple sgRNAs by the insertion of multiple U6-sgRNA cassettes. These plasmids can be transfected with Cas9 protein/mRNA/plasmid or for transfection of a Cas9-expressing cell line. Promoters other than CMV are also available. Please contact us for any modifications you may wish to make to these plasmids or for your own custom sequence.

MYdna Error-free Homology-Directed Repair (HDR) DNA templates for use with MYcrispr products

Our MYdna product line is your source for NGS verified, error-free HDR plasmid DNA. You submit your full DNA donor sequence, including homology arms, and we will synthesize a custom DNA sequence specific for your project. Your sequence can also be flanked by restriction sites to release linear double-stranded DNA that can be used for transfection if linear dsDNA is the preferred HDR template. HDR sequences can range up to 10 kbp in size. Please see the MYdna product page for a description of our synthesis capabilities.

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