Contact Information

5840 Interface Drive, Suite 101
Ann Arbor, MI 48130

Phone: 1-(734)-998-0751

Fax: 1-(734)-998-0750

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm, ET

Submit an Inquiry - General inquiries regarding the company, current and future products, collaborative research and development, custom probe design, delivery time, etc. - Sales-related questions including placing orders, inquiries about orders in fulfillment, requests for quotes, volume discount and special orders - Technical questions regarding use, protocols, and troubleshooting for all of our products

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Since we offer different discounts and can combine multiple products into a single package, please request a quote to get an accurate pricing for your product(s). Before placing any custom order, you should contact us to expedite the design process.

To place an order, please fill our order form and return it by email to or fax it to (734) 998 0750. Please indicate your preferred method of payment on the order form (check, wire transfer, or credit card) so we can send you the right information with the invoice.

You may also place order via PO (Purchase Order), so long as all of the necessary information for billing & shipping is communicated to us.

Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to read our latest Terms & Conditions.


An invoice will be sent to the provided billing address and e-mail once your product is delivered. We accept payments by check (preferred method), wire transfer and credit card. Please see below for details. Our payment terms are 30 days net. All payments should be made in US dollars.

Check - This is our preferred method of payment. Please make check payable to "Biodiscovery-LLC" and mail the check to the address specified on the invoice.

Wire Transfer - If you elect to pay your invoice by wire transfer, we will include our bank information with the invoice. Payments must be made in US dollars.

Payment by Credit Card - Please DO NOT send credit card information through e-mail. We can take your credit card information over the PHONE or via FAX. We can also use PayPal as a third party credit card processor. However, you must first make sure that your institution accepts the use of a third-party card processor. If you request PayPal, we will send you an electronic invoice. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay for this invoice using a credit card.