Products & Applications

MYcroarray® | Custom & predesigned oligonucleotide microarrays


We specialize in making custom microarrays, from your probe sequences or our customized design, with no minimum order size. We also offer predesigned microarrays for most sequenced archaea and bacteria as well as some eukaryotes. If you do not find your organism of interest in our catalog, please inquire. We offer a variety of formats from 1-6 arrays per slide. Our multi-array slides are compatible with Agilent Technology hybridization cassettes and gasket slides. Custom array formats are also available ... more info

MYbaits® | Custom probes for targeted high-throughput sequencing


MYbaits is a fully customizable, in-solution DNA capture system for enrichment for targeted sequencing. Target capture is an extremely flexible technology, enabling you to query thousands of loci simultaneously across a broad taxonomic group, using probes designed from an available reference sequence. Our kits contain your custom biotinylated RNA baits as well as reagents for performing the hybridization. Whether you wish to capture 50 kb or 50 Mb of targeted sequences from a handful or thousands of samples, we can provide a custom kit that meets you needs. Free bait design assistance is included ... more info

MYtags® | Custom labeled FISH probe libraries


Our product offers fully custom, labeled single-stranded custom oligo libraries for detection and visualization of complementary nucleic acids. MYtags libraries can be used as custom FISH probes, reporter probes for nucleic acid detection, or any application that can be built on labeled oligo libraries. Whether your application calls for DNA or RNA probes, we will provide you with fully customized libraries of up to 20,000 oligonucleotides per batch, with user-defined sequences from 30 to 60 nucleotides for improved specificity ... more info

MYlib® | Custom oligonucleotide libraries


We offer single- or double-stranded fully custom DNA oligo pools, for a variety of applications. Our flexible oligo synthesis technology allows us to affordably provide thousands of oligos, ready to use for your specialized applications. For example, these oligo libraries can be be used as sequence-specific primers in experiment requiring primer extension such as Primer Extension Capture. They can also be assembled into synthetic genes, or cloned in various vectors to be expressed into active RNAs or peptides ... more info

MYcrisprTM | Genome editing solutions


MYcrispr provides DNA and RNA products that are customizable for multiple CRISPR-Cas9 applications. Genome editing via Cas9 is a rapidly expanding technology that requires adaptability and reliability. We synthesize error-free DNA templates for in vivo (U6) or in vitro (T7) transcription of sgRNA. We then provide either the plasmid or transcribed sgRNA, as well as homology directed repair templates if desired. All predesigned products work with Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 nuclease, but we can also synthesize guide RNAs for use with any nuclease, such as Cpf1. ... more info

MYdna® | Error-free DNA for synthetic biology


Our MYdna product line offers cost-effective DNA synthesis that saves you both time and labor. We combine our robust parallel oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry to a revolutionary high-throughput, automated assembly process to produce fully sequenced, error-free plasmid DNA, with 99.5% or greater of delivered DNA molecules having the correct sequence. We offer a flexible size range of 20 bp to 10 kbp or greater allowing you to order small DNA fragments, modular parts, genes, entire genetic circuits, or higher order assemblies ... more info

MYtxtl® | Cell-free in vitro TX-TL protein expression


MYtxtl is a powerful E. coli-based cell-free platform combining in vitro transcription (TX) and translation (TL) in a single reaction (TX-TL), enabling one-step protein expression from a flexible oligonucleotide template, such as plasmid DNA, linear DNA (PCR amplicon), or RNA templates. This kit enables same-day rapid protein expression with high yield (up to 2mg/mL), with no need for bacterial transformation, clone selection, or cell lysis. Our cell-free protein expression kit is based on the TX-TL technology developed at the University of Minnesota ... more info

MYreads® | Next-generation sequencing services


Take advantage of our expertise to bring your experimental designs to fruition! For any size project, we offer in-house services for library preparation, target capture, and/or high-throughput sequencing. We offer sequencing service with our in-house Ion Torrent Proton sequencer or Illumina sequencing. We offer the ability to purchase partial sequencing service, if you do not not require a full lane/run for your project. Please contact us for a quote and feasibility assessment for your project ... more info