MYbaits Manual

Current MYbaits manual v3.02

The current V3 manual was released in December 2015 (updated July 2016). All kits shipped after May 2014 are compatible with this current MYbaits v3 manual. This is now our recommended standard protocol. Changes compared to the v2 protocol are outlined in the beginning of the manual.

MYbaits Current Manual (v3)

Previous Versions

Orders shipped after May 2014 were originally directed to the MYbaits v2 manual. However these kits are also backwards-compatible with the current v3 manual, since none of the components nor their concentrations have been changed.

Kits shipped BEFORE May 2014 should be used with the v1 manual due to the different concentration of HYB#4. However, if desired, you can supply your own HYB#4 in order to use the v3 manual.